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About US

XO offers a totally unique, pilates based, high intensity,  low impact, full body regimen.

Yeah it’s a mouthful but it packs the best elements of all of these disciplines into a 1 hour class curated to give you the most comprehensive fitness experience on Earth.

Gone are the days where you need a spin class for cardio, a boot camp for weight training and a pilates class for lengthening.  At XO you can achieve all of your fitness goals in one place under the guidance and support of our staff of instructors who are here to make sure that you have an uplifting, exhausting and totally badass experience.


why us and not them?

From the moment you enter the studio, you sense this will be no ordinary class.  The intensity and high-energy of each instructor combined with the maximized teachings of pilates distilled down into a cross training format (we told you we were wordy) is sure to engage your entire body and become a workout experience you will never forget.  

On top of all of that, we CARE.  We remember your name, your limitations, your strengths and weaknesses.

any side effects?

There are some things that are just not meant to be changed.  But your body is not one of them. Clients who practice regularly experience profound changes in their body including dramatic weight loss, visible muscle definition, improved strength, endurance, flexibility, and a whole new level of energy. And happiness.  That too.


You earn your body and we’ll help you become worthy.

Who we are